Fashion: Off the Shoulder top look!

H e l l o G i r l y 'z!!!

I hope everything is ok for you?

For the first time i'm trying some new thing: "writing you in English".
There are long time i didn't write so, i'm sorry if i make some mistakes.

So, let's started with the new post, As you can see the summer is here and i'm so happy because i can show you my latest clothes.
My blog can take a new style with the sun and the blue sky, what do you think about that?

Today, i'm wearing this crazy and newest top i'd shopped on my favorite site. (link in "le dressing de Serdee")
A Bardot flowers print top who are a little short like a crop top that's why i put it on me with a high waisted short.

This Summer i want more color in my dressing, trying new things, new mixes so stay connect for the next post.

I let you take a look on the photo shoot...

I hope you enjoy this post?
Just let me know by comment if you want me do this a little more often?
See you soon
Have a nice night
Kisses Serdee.


  1. J'aime beaucoup cette tenue.... simple légère confortable

  2. Hey Serdee, Of course you can write in english it's a very good idea ! I'm in love with this outfit so summery ! The crop top and high waisted short are dope ! You slay it girl xo Armelle


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